Top 10 Social Media Sites to Consider for Your Website Traffic in 2022

With the rise of technologies, social media sites have become a staple in today’s world. In this infographic, we look at 10 top social media sites that you should consider for your brand in 2022.

The Top 10 Social Media Sites For Your Brand In 2022

  1. Facebook — 2.9 billion MAUs
  2. YouTube — 2.2 billion MAUs
  3. Instagram — 2 billion MAUs
  4. Telegram — 550 million MAUs
  5. Snapchat — 538 million MAUs
  6. Pinterest — 444 million MAUs
  7. Twitter — 436 million MAUs
  8. Reddit — 430 million MAUs
  9. Quora — 300 million MAUs
  10. LinkedIn — 250 million MAUs

Facebook — 2.9 billion MAUs

Facebook has a massive 2.9 billion MAUs. It ranks as the world’s No. 1 social network with 2 billion users and 1.9 million advertisers

Facebook reaches over 2 billion monthly active users, which is more than the entire population of China according to statistics from the company itself.

The company’s Facebook Messenger app delivers 700 million conversations per day, an average of 3,500 messages sent every second.

YouTube — 2.2 billion MAUs

YouTube, owned by Google, has 2.2 billion monthly active users (MAUs). In the last 10 years it grew from a company with 100 employees to a company of 18,000 employees.

YouTube is a leading video platform that entertains, informs and connects billions of people around the world. Several businesses have been using YouTube as an avenue to advertise and promote their products and services since the platform offers significant reach at an affordable price.

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Instagram — 2 billion MAUs

Instagram is popular among people because it allows them to post digitally and share their memories. It has 2 billion users on its platform and it is one of the most followed social networks out there.

Instagram has 2 billion users, making it one of the most popular social media platforms out there. In April 2013, Instagram was bought by Facebook for $1 Billion in cash and stock. Since then, many big companies have been using Instagram for marketing purposes, such as Coca-Cola and Adidas.

The popularity of Instagram can be attributed to its ability to let people express themselves in a new way – through pictures and videos. There are two types of accounts on Instagram – public accounts that show your content to all followers and private accounts that only show your posts to those who follow you

Telegram — 550 million MAUs

Telegram is a messenger app that has a lot more than just one simple goal – to connect its users.

Telegram has become the de facto messaging app for many in the tech and business world. Telegram was created by Pavel Durov, who left his job as CEO of VK (known as Russia’s Facebook) in 2014 to start this project.

In recent months though, Telegram has had some issues with its service quality due to its high volume of traffic – grinding everything to a halt at one point.

Snapchat — 538 million MAUs

Snapchat, a popular social media platform with over 538 million MAUs in the past 12 months, has been creating in-app advertising opportunities.

In-app advertising has brought new innovations and opportunities for marketers to communicate with their target audience.

Snapchat has been able to generate revenue by selling ads on its platform that can be delivered through the lens of each photo or video message.

Pinterest — 444 million MAUs

Pinterest is one of the most highly used platforms among the social media. It has more than 444 million monthly active users (MAUs) in the United States and more than 100 million MAUs worldwide.

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Twitter — 436 million MAUs

Though many people are still wary of Twitter, it is one of the most powerful social media platforms. It allows users to share their thoughts on a wide range of topics easily and in realtime.

Twitter has been around for a number of years now and its popularity has increased over the years with an estimated 284 million active users. One reason for this increase in popularity is because it offers a platform where people can express their thoughts on almost anything – from politics to entertainment.

It was not until 2009 when Twitter was available to the general public that its popularity started to rise exponentially as it became increasingly…

Reddit — 430 million MAUs

Reddit is a social platform that offers users the chance to share their opinions on any topic.

Reddit is mainly used as an online community for sharing content and conversations with other likeminded people. The platform has been widely dubbed as the ‘front page of the internet’.

The website offers users a place to share opinions and raise awareness on specific topics through creating new posts, commenting on existing posts or by submitting links to be voted up or down.

This platform has been used for many purposes such as publicizing news events, making friends, activism and organizing protests and gatherings.

Quora — 300 million MAUs

Quora is a Q&A-based platform which allows people to ask questions and get answers from experts.

Quora is a Q&A-based platform which allows people to ask questions and get answers from experts. It has been used as an educational resource for students, professionals and business leaders. However, it also provides access to people who have little or no knowledge of the specific topic.

The platform has also gained popularity among businesses and companies in recent years due in part to its ability to provide quick feedback and generate insights from the audience on what they like or dislike about their products or services.

LinkedIn — 250 million MAUs

LinkedIn is a social media platform that allows users to find prospects and meet up with them. It has been the first website for professional connections, and it boasts one of the highest values for social media platforms.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for business development, networking, and career opportunities. However, it’s not without its drawbacks; LinkedIn can be tough to use from a content perspective.

If you are an entrepreneur, a freelancer, or simply looking to get ahead in your career then LinkedIn is worth giving up some time on.

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