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How to add SSL Certificate in AWS ec2 Instance Without Route 53

1. you have to create SSL certificate from ACM with a domain(example.com)

2. add the given CNAME record in GoDaddy
3. then, you have to  create a target group (with HTTP protocol 80 only everywhere you have to select HTTP only in it)

4.  you have to create load balancer, with HTTPS and HTTP both ports listener.

5. then you have to copy A record from the load balancer and add this in the GoDaddy CNAME Record with www

6. Add A record with @ and IP address of your instance.

7. now, SSL should work with www.example.com after that you have to redirect HTTP to 443 in the load balancer.

helpful Reference : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pw6wPfi9rig


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