Airline Vistara cancels flights, People can face problem

Film industry person’s who went to various parts of the nation from various functions are presently surrounded by mental misery due to not returning to Mumbai. So also, many struggling artists and experts working alone in Mumbai need to return to their home because of the lockdown and for this, they began booking their tickets after lockdown, yet these tickets from Monday ‘S cancellation messages have rekindled their rest.

Civil Aviation Secretary Pradeep Singh Kharola had said on Thursday that airlines could book tickets from April 14 onwards. After this, Vistara, Indigo and SpiceJet began the process of booking tickets for domestic local flights from 15 April. The flights of 15 and 16 April were full by Friday evening and there was heavy traffic on the websites of air services companies on Saturday and Sunday as well.

There are more than 60,000 registered actor-actresses in the Indian film industry. And, around two lakh technicians are registered in various unions. Most of them roam around the country due to shooting, opening shows and stage shows. By declaring a national lockdown on 24 March, these artists are stuck everywhere in the country. Some artists do not even have the proper arrangement to live. Some are in better condition but have been troubled by being away from Mumbai continuously.

In the meantime, Airline Vistara began sending messages cancelling flights on Monday to those who have booked flights to or from Mumbai on April 15 or 16. Since the arrival of these messages, then stir in the Mumbai film industry has increased that the period of national lockdown is going to extend beyond April 14. All efforts were made to contact Airline Vistara in this regard but did not appear to give any correct information on their numbers.

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