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Goji berry is a juicy fruits that's not so common in the US because it's not much grown here.

Goji berry is a juicy fruits that’s not so common in the US because it’s not much grown here.

However, you can get the Goji berry seeds in quality food store here. 

The use of Goji berry has been popular in Asia for century, and there are testimonies of its health benefits.

In the last decade, there have been clinical studies on the healing effects of Goji berry, and these effects are traced to the nutrients of the fruit

Goji Berry Nutrition Fact

Here are the many important valuable nutrients of the Goji Berry. 

So, it was discovered that the Berry contains high levels of vitamin C. 

Also, vitamin B and E are included in the Goji Berry. 

Oher ingredients are amino acids and trace elements such as iron, copper, magnesium and the like.

Talking about the healing effects of Goji berry, the antioxidant properties are worth mentioning. 

Goji Berry can be used in Cooking

The berries can be used also for cooking and baking.

There are some great recipes you would love to test to make your delicacies. 

It’s also Interesting to know that you can make a jam with Goji berries and other fruits.

By the way, the jams can be ordered online also as already finished food.

If you don’t like the taste of berries, you can take the pills or capsules, all for the sake of its healthy nutrient contents for your health benefits, healthpally advised.

You should not worry yourself about the right dosage, you can simply follow the leaflet or talk to a dietician or your doctor.

It is worth noting that, it is not necessary to consume large amounts of Goji berries. 

A handful per day is more than enough. If you decide to opt for its juice, then the recommended amount is approximately 120 ml per day.

You can go on a diet with Goji berries, it is recommended because it can prevent deficiencies. 

The berries are full of good ingredients that are necessary during a diet. 

 Again, you can see new diet pills you can buy. 

With Goji berries, you can stimulate metabolism without any chemical product, says healthpally.

Goji berries should come organic, no pesticides should be used. 

So, you can use a natural product for the diet and change your diet accordingly.

A good idea is to use dried Goji berries as a snack. 

This way, you can prevent cravings. 

No matter what form of Goji berries you choose to use, either fresh, dried, juice, as a tablet or capsule, what’s important is to maintain a balanced diet.

There are many interesting tips and information about good diets and the use of Goji berries.

Goji Berry interaction 

Although, small amounts are not harmful but larger amounts may lead to bleeding if you consume it at the same time with blood-thinning medications. You’ve to be a little cautious.

As always with all foods, regardless of whether fruit or vegetable, you should seek medical attention if you feel an allergic reaction and Goji berries are not exception.

 We’ve always been emphasizing the importance of keeping your physician updated on every symptom within or on your body.

The sensitivity to these berries has been rarely observed, says healthpally.

The Goji berries are generally well tolerated and sustainable side effects could not be determined so far in all the studies. 

Goji berries are safe for consumption and can be used as a dietary supplement without any risk.

Without any fear, it can be ingested as an alternative medicine and supportive as a remedy to other medications. 

It was found that people who are sensitive to other drugs, have their body system tolerating these berries without any step being made.


Goji berry contains natural antioxidants, hence it can fight against many disease symptoms if taken regularly.

At healthpally, we always advise patients to talk to their doctors before taking any natural healing food.

While Goji berry seeds can be dried and processed to make drinks at home, you can consult your doctor to know the proper dosage that’s good for you.

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