How to create free website on Google – (100% Free)

If you are looking for a free platform to create a website which can help you to increase your website traffic.

Then you are at right place.

You can create a website simply within 10 or 15 minutes for free. 

I will provide you a total guide to “how to create a professional free website” such as Google sites in Search engine page result(SERP).

People think a free website is not so nice and cannot handle much traffic but the website created by this process is not like that.

It can handle more than 10000 unique visitors per day for free so its piece of cake. 

There are so many search engines available to see how professional website looks. You don’t need any design software for this method and it is not computer science which you don’t understand easily.

you don’t need any coding skills and design skills. All ways remember I will not teach you to how to get free web hosting or domain if it is illegal technical. 

Website built is not a simple way for all. You just need a google account. after that, you will get site building process and drag and drop option in this technique and you can also create Google apps, online store, custom domain and personal website here. it will increase your online presence.  

I am also not a professional designer but I know how to create a simple website as a web designer. 

If you like to learn how to buy domain names and website builder then you should comment below.

Should we use Google website builder?

Yes, you can use Google website builder if you want to build a website without coding skill.

But in the above video, I am not showing Google website builder tutorial. 

Choose a Theme for your Website

This website has a great feature of a website builder which helps you to personalize website. 

There are so many options which customize your website in some time. 

You can do any of these things to the text on your webpage:

  • Change the font style
  • Change the font size
  • Make your text bold, italic or underlined
  • Change the font colour
  • Highlight the text
  • Add links to anywhere on the Web
  • Add numbered or bulleted lists
  • Indent
  • Right, centre or left align
  • A click hyperlink
  • cover photo
  • google docs
  • add googles servers
  • payment gateway
  • edit site layout

you can also rename your site many times if you want. 

but if you want you can buy any domain and add site address or you can use free sub-domain name which will be giving through that website.

Google website builder

You can also Build professional website through Google. Google has a special feature of Google website builder for website creation in an easy way. 

Create a free website and earn money

Yes, you can if you build an effective and eye-catchy website for your upcoming client. Use interactive images on your website, if you are want to get customer or client for your website.


Now it’s your turn

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