How to send bulk Email through Gmail (100% Working)

Are you looking for a free method to send bulk mail which makes your business profitable?


Then you are at right place.

The basic method to send bulk email through Gmail( quick tips )

Before starting using this method you should make sure about your consistency about your email sending.


Sometimes, people send a ton of email to random people who are unknown to your business. 


due to lack of knowledge related to your business, they will block your email or unlist your email only because of safety. 


Be consistent regarding mailing and concern about field name, unsubscribe link, Gmail sending later button, Gmail contacts, merge field, subject line, double optin, blind copy and column heading when you do mass email marketing. 


after that, you can also use outlook for sending bulk email messages and Rediff too.

How to send bulk Email?

First, you need to collect email from any technique.

If you like, you can watch my previous video where I have share detail information about how to collect bulk email.

How to prevent from spamming?

you should need to send email to your clients or subscribes. 

Don’t try to send mail to random people, it will never give you benefit for a long time.  

How many should we send mail in a day?

according to my experience, you should maximum send 30 mail per account in a day.

An account will be suspended, If you try to send more than given sending limits which are set my website developer for security issues. 

How to check email is valid or not?

Before sending mail to someone, you should check email is valid or not. 

You can use atomic email verifier which is quite good for email verification.


concern on the dialog box when you install atomic email verifier.


Should we send bulk Email?

why not? 

If you are doing for a reasonable purpose, to knowing client or customers who are connected with you.


Always don’t forget, create content which never bore anyone. 


Gmail account is safe for mass mailing or mail merge? 

yes if you are choosing the right way to achieve your Goal then mass email sending is not bad.


you are not sending to the unknowing person.


then why not? 


you can use google excel spreadsheet for sending mail through mail merge. before that you need to collect mailing list data.


So why are you waiting, start mail merge for increase reach.


Don’t forget to personalized content for real response. always sending personalized content to your users.

Always try to not depend on marketing software for long-term success.


Just like newspaper software, you can send news related to your business or offers which are reliable for your business.


you should consistent regarding send messages to your users or subscribers.


you can also join any marketing program for achieving your target.


How to Collect email address from Google(Free)

For this, you should watch video for detail information about this technique. 




How many can we send emails per month?


As you know, if you are trying to send too much email per month, you will never gain benefit for a long time.

You need to maintain limit for a better result. otherwise, you will never gain benefit from it.


sending more than given limit by the website owner will jump your emails to the junk box. 


according to me, Gmail is the best way to send mass emails.

Should we create mass email campaigns for a blog post?

Why not?

It will help to increase your traffic and connectivity with your subscriber.

Whether you are using Gmail or any software.


you can also create marketing campaigns by extensions where you have to use google sheet, merge to send and so on option. 


Is Newsletter software reliable or not?  

you can, maybe you don’t know about pitchbox

pitchbox is relevant software for link building, emailing and also content marketing.  


pitchbox has the great feature like preview result, drop-down menu, mass email programs.


you can also use MailChimp to send newsletter and schedule sending email messages. 


You can also use for send records which are important for selective people.


you can also send the messages to your competitor’s connection.




Now It’s your turn

I do like to hear from you what do you have to say about Email Marketing. 

How many do you like to send an email per day for getting clients?


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