Japanese Pharma company making Corona vaccine.

Japanese Pharma company making Corona vaccine, A medicine will be produced by taking antibodies from the blood plasma of a patient recovered from the virus

Efforts are on to make the Corona virus vaccine worldwide. Vaccine trials have begun in the US, but preparations for Japanese company Takeda Pharma are slightly different. The company is making drugs by taking antibodies from the blood plasma of patients recovered from the corona virus. Takeda Pharma company claims that this drug will prove to be very effective for corona patients. The rationale is that antibodies released from the recovery patients will reach new corona patients and rapidly improve their immune system and the patient will recover.

How will the drug be prepared from blood plasma

The immune system in the body of such patients who have recently recovered from the disease produces antibodies that remain aged. These antibodies are present in blood plasma. To convert it into a drug, plasma is isolated from the blood and antibodies are subsequently extracted from it. These antibodies are injected into the new patient’s body with the help of special therapy, this is called plasma derivative therapy. It enhances the patient’s body’s ability to fight against diseases until its body becomes fit to prepare itself.

According to WHO’s Emergency Program Head Mike Ryan, there is a better way to treat coronavirus. It should be given to the patients at the right time so that the body’s ability to fight against diseases can increase. But it is very important to be cautious while doing this because this therapy does not succeed every time.

The Japanese pharmaceutical company Takeda has also previously developed an immunity enhancing drug, called Intervenous Immunoglobin. Antibodies to healthy people have been used in its preparation. The company claims that it is safe and effective, with no risk of spreading the virus. The company is making a new drug of Coronavirus, in which antibodies of patients who have been cured of Coronavirus are to be used. The company has named the drug TAK-888, which will specifically work to eliminate corona.

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