symptoms of corona virus proving wrong?

Corona virus is spreading rapidly in India after other countries. Currently the number of corona infections in India has 6,412 while the number of dead has reached more then 200. After the spread of corona virus infection, the World Health Organization had given some symptoms including dry cough, throat pain and high fever, But as the corona outbreak is increasing, these symptoms are proving wrong. We Can say this because there have been some cases of corona infection in which no symptoms have been seen.

One meter distance is necessary to avoid corona

Govt. and docotr’s said that a distance of one meter was necessary to avoid corona infection. Many shops have created circles at a distance of one meter each, In the Arogya Setu app of the Government of India, it has been told to keep a distance of six meters from people. but later research says that the corona virus could be spread beyond eight meters. If seen, a claim with a distance of one meter is also being proved wrong.

Dry cough with high fever, difficulty in breathing and sore throat when infected with corona?

In the beginning of the corona infection, it has been reported that you may have corona if you have dry cough, fever, difficulty in breathing and throat pain, but there have been many cases in which no symptoms have been shown. Recently in China, 47 people were found infected with the corona virus, with no symptoms.

Will corona end as heat rises?

A decrease in corona infection was expected when the temperature increased. In starting period, Corona increased fastest in the areas where the weather was cold, so it was believed that the outbreak could end faster as the weather was warm. It was speculated that the corona infection in India would not be much, because in March to june, the heat starts in India, but such estimates are now proving to be wrong, because in Maharashtra the heat is much higher than Delhi. But most of the cases are coming from Maharashtra.

Corona virus not spread in air?

It was previously stated that the corona virus does not spread in the air. In such a situation, a healthy person does not need for mask. Many big doctors appealed not to wear masks. But now in many countries, wearing masks has become mandatory. In Maharashtra, arrest can be done without a mask out of the house. In fact, when a person infected with corona coughs, there is a danger of spreading the infection with the sprinkles of phlegm coming out of his mouth. So now the question is, if the corona is not spread in the air then what is the need to wear a mask?

The big question here is that what should you do, then it is better for you to do as much defense as you can at your level. If supply water is used, then it is possible to cool it after boiling and only then use it for drinking. Do not try to meet anyone. Stay away from friends, friends and apartment people. Wash hands thoroughly with soap before eating and drinking anything. It is better not to use the lift but if you have to, do not touch the lift button. Sanitize yourself after coming home. If possible, take a bath by adding dettol to the water. There is only one way to escape the corona and that is rescue ….

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